Many people ask the question…What is worship?

Here are a few responses I have collected…

“Worship is giving all that you are to all of God.” – Anonymous

“Worship is our response to what we value most.” – Anonymous

“Worshiping God is hard for me these days.” – Anonymous

“Worship is a life where God is at the center of all we do.” – Anonymous

“Worship is embracing the Father and allowing him to embrace you, continually.” – Anonymous

“Worship is a taste of heaven.” – Anonymous

“Worship is humbling ourselves before God.” – Anonymous

“Worship is the deep and humble understanding that HE is God and I am not.” – Anonymous

“Worship is having that most inner longing fulfilled.” – Anonymous

“Worship is…serving the poor” – Anonymous

“Worship is when God opens your eyes and your heart to see how he really is.” – Anonymous

“Worship is a lifestyle! It means everything that you do is an ACT of WORSHIP!:)” – Anonymous

“Worship is resting in the arms of His Love.” – Anonymous

So which one of these is the correct answer? They all are and here is a small look at what we believe here at Harvest Community Church.

Definition of worship:
“All of life is worship. Worship is responding in love to all that God is with all that we are, every moment of everyday. Its results are a transformed heart which leads to a changed life.” Romans 12:1

Corporate worship:
In humility, we recognize that there are a wide variety of styles and expressions of worship that are equally pleasing to God. Harvest Community Church has chosen an approach that seems appropriate to the Eugene community and culture. Yet because of the dynamic nature of worship, we are open to God’s leading us into fresh ways of worshiping Him.

Components of worship:
At Harvest we encourage members to become active worshippers rather than passive observers. We consider worship a verb. Through each of the elements listed below our goal is to engage each person present into active participation.

  • Prayer and Congregational Singing
    Worship is an act of communication. Singing and prayer are the means by which we talk to God and God talks to us.
  • Scripture and Preaching
    God’s Word and the teaching from his Word are cornerstone elements of the service.
  • Offering
    All we have comes from God and belongs to God. Our offering is our cheerful response to a loving God, the giver of all gifts.
  • Communion
    …As Christ’s body, we gather around his table to remember his sacrifice, (his broken body and shed blood), on our behalf. Christ invites all who know him to celebrate communion.
  • Baptism
    …As a church body, we believe that baptism is not a saving act, but an act in which we celebrate life in Christ. We affirm the baptism of believers as a valid expressions of faith.
  • Special Service Elements
    Child Dedication

I would like to personally invite you to come and worship with us at Harvest Community Church. We are very relaxed and welcoming so…come as you are and join us in our worship to the King who deserves so much more than we have to offer but accepts all that we bring from whatever place in our lives we bring it from.


Jay Lawson

Worship Minister

Harvest Community Church