We have decided NOT to meet in person for worship services for the duration of this crisis. We ARE DECIDING to hold services online.

On Sunday morning, you can tune into sing with us about 10:15am, and you can tune in to worship through (not just watch) our sermon at 10.45am (PDT).  There are 2 places you can do this:  Facebook and YouTube.

1.  Facebook:


2.  Our YouTube Channel:


3.  Kids:

Bible App for Kids (5 and under): https://youtu.be/xVNKhIR0YbE

Konnect (K through 5th): https://youtu.be/APutbjW1jeo

Harvest Parents Group Facebook page:


In addition to tuning in to worship with us, we would encourage you to:

Download a Listening Guide: 
Fill out the Digital Communication Card here (prayer requests, more info, etc):
Give online here:

We will host services online rather than gathering in person because:

THE VULNERABLE – Many of our most vulnerable would come because ‘the doors are open.’ I totally appreciate the heart behind that, but don’t want to put our most vulnerable at risk.

KNOWN FOR LOVE – We want to extend our reputation in the community of loving our community well.  Many will see our decision as supporting community efforts to keep as many people as possible healthy, including first responders and those who serve in the medical community.  To be clear, we care more about people than our reputation, but we want to be known for loving the community well.

SERMONS ONLINE – We are not shutting down the church. We are moving sermons online, and will do everything else we can to help us all honor Jesus wholeheartedly, love each other well, and love our community throughout this season.

MINISTRY WILL STILL HAPPEN – We are NOT saying that smaller groups or individuals cannot get together on their own. Each group and/or individual must make that decision as the facts change fast.  The Harvest office will continue to receive calls.  Our Staff and Stewards will continue to work every day to help us all grow through this together.  We are stronger as we all love each other.

BE THE CHURCH – We are encouraging us to BE THE CHURCH in a unique way through this unprecedented season.  What does that mean?  How can you help? 

PRAY – Pray for wisdom for our leaders, for first responders and the medical community, and for those who will be affected by the virus and the social distancing.  Pray for yourself, your family, and your friends that you may continue to walk with God each day.  Pray for peace for those who are anxious.  As we have talked about for weeks, we walk in faith, not fear.

REACH OUT – Do you need help?  Let us know!  Are you willing to be a contact person for us- checking in with 3 or 4 people to see how they are doing?  Let us know!  Are you willing to do grocery store or pharmacy runs for some of our older/immune-compromised people? Let us know!  Do you know someone who is thinking about spiritual matters for the first time in a long time?  Share hope with them.  We will soon outline some more ways you can help.

In the midst of all of the uncertainty, the one thing we do know is that God is still in charge! We want to be wise, but not give in to fear. There will be many unique opportunities to BE THE CHURCH in the coming days.  After all, we don’t go to church.  We are the church.

Praying for and with you all!